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Chord Tone Soloing – Review

Author: Barrett Tagliarino
Level: Beginner to Advanced

Chord tone soloing

I finally got round to buying this book a few months ago but I’ve only just managed to take a good look through it. So what’s the verdict? The book gets a very big thumbs up from me, but before I go any further, it’s important you understand the purpose of the book. If you don’t, then you may end up buying it for the wrong reasons. Continue reading

Guitar Fretboard Workbook

By Barrett Tagliarino

This one’s got some rave reviews on Amazon and I’ll probably put it on my to buy list. To be honest I don’t think it’s something I need, but you know what it’s like, us guitarists just can’t get enough of this stuff, we’re all info buying addicts!

If this book delivers as good as the reviews it has then it needs to be a priority purchase for thousands of guitarists. Continue reading