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Blues Solos For Guitar

Author: Keith Wyatt
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Blues Solos For Guitar

When I look through a new book I’ve just purchased, I normally spend some time looking through all the pages, listening to the CD (if there is one) and then maybe have a little work through one or two of the examples if something inspires me at the time. All in all, I don’t actually buy guitar books with the intent of working through the whole thing straight away, if ever. The hour or two I spend when I first look through it, tells me what I want to know about a book, how good it is and how much I can gain from it. This information gets logged in memory until the time comes that I feel inspired by something, which makes me want to go grab an appropriate book for some serious guitar practice. So why am I telling you this? Continue reading

Rock Lead Performance: Techniques, Scales and Soloing Concepts for Guitar

Authors: Danny Gill & Nick Nolan

I don’t own this one yet but looks like it’ll be interesting for the intermediate to advanced guitarist. It covers soloing over chord changes, modulation, diminished, harmonic minor scales, blues and more with over 70 full demo tracks on CD. There are only two reviews to date but both very much thumbs up and they’ve got me sold. All I need is another two life times to get through all of these books!