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Blues By The Bar – Review

Author: Chris Hunt
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

This is another blues licks / solos book with a bit of a twist. The content is easy to follow and pretty much jumps straight into simply learning a bunch of licks, but in an organised fashion. All the examples are played over a single chord progression with two common variations and all in the same key.

The idea is to learn a bunch of licks that work over each section of the chord progression. For instance, you get about fifteen licks for bars one and two, ten licks for bars three and four, ten licks for bars five and six, etc.. Continue reading

Blues Lead Guitar Solos

Author: Wayne Riker

Some authors and publishers really don’t do themselves any favours. Browsing through the guitar books at amazon I found this, Blues Lead Guitar Solos by Wayne Riker. The only thing that caught my attention was on the tiny thumbnail of the cover it says “solos” right after the main title. I like books that just give hands on workouts, I’m rarely interested in anything more than short explanations or theory unless it’s quite advanced, just give me licks, exercises and full solos to rip apart and get new ideas from, this way you’re more likely to get something much more useful than the rehashed content you begin to expect from the majority of guitar books.

Continue reading