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Guitar Fretboard Workbook

Author: Barrett Tagliarino

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Fretboard fluency is one of the most beneficial techniques you can gain on the guitar. Unfortunately, mastering this skill is usually hampered by two obstacles. The first is that a lot of guitarists have a hard time grasping it, believing it is too complex and requires too much theory and hard work. The second obstacle which in my opinion is the bigger problem, many just don’t believe that it can help you that much. Continue reading

Chord Chemistry – Ted Greene

Chord Chemistry is one of those books that many advanced guitarists talk about. It took me a few years to get around to actually buying it and when I did, and opened it for the first time, I just stared at it. If anything I felt disappointed, it just looks like a book packed with chord diagrams! Well, I’m grown up enough to realise that I must be missing something because I have a lot of respect for the people that recommend this book. With that, I put on the bookshelf and decided to look at it another day. Okay, that was about three years ago and I wanted to write something about it for this website so today was a good day to take another look at it.

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Fluid Soloing – Book 1 Arpeggios for Lead Rock Guitar – Mel Bay

Author: Tim Quinn

Something I need to work on more is my arpeggios. This book definitely is on my wish list for two reasons. Firstly I like the title, Fluid Soloing, if the book itself represents that simple title then I already think it’s worth a look. Secondly, I’m sold on the amazon reviews, this sounds like just what I’m looking for. Continue reading

8-Bar Blues: Inside the Blues Series

Author: Dave Rubin

I must admit, I don’t own a single book by Dave Rubin but I’m definitely going to be checking him out. He has a few books on offer and they mostly get good (although few) reviews. This one caught my attention just because of the title. 8 Bar Blues, now there’s something I bet a lot of us don’t practice as much as we should. It’s not that 8 bars requires a different understanding or anything but if it’s something you don’t do often then the ear tends to want to gravitate to the 12 bars we’re so used to.

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Speed Mechanics For Lead Guitar

Author: Troy Stetina

Learning to play guitar at lightning speed doesn’t come naturally to most of us, it requires serious practice, dedication and effort. Most of us however are prepared to put in the work as long we see the benefit, unfortunately many don’t because most of what they practice is completely wasted and does little to help you build speed on the guitar. I could go into lengthy details here but there’s not really any need so I’ll just say this … Continue reading